Wake up. Get out of bed. Take care of body functions. Get a coffee. See to the animals. Open the blinds, curtains, windows (weather permitting). Scan the calendar for upcoming appointments. Sit down. Drink coffee. Think about writing. Then think about other activities I need to do other than writing.

I can go all day without writing. This of course leads to beating myself up a the end of the day for NOT writing. Oy.

Obviously my routine needs to change. I need a new plan – to commence immediately.

Strike “think about other activities I need to do other than writing” and replace with the following:

Get dressed (yes, put on clothing appropriate for general public view). Go directly to desk. Open planner. Review notes left the previous day on the plan for today (yes, you will need to close your day with a plan for tomorrow). Turn on computer. ***Do not (I repeat) DO NOT go to any web page other than this page – your new start page (yes, you are no longer allowed to start the day with a quick shop with Amazon). Start your work day with a prompt, a prayer, a plan and a post. Open Scrivener. Start writing.

Wow. How easy was that!!!


Muse: I’ll believe it when I see.

Me: Gee. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Muse: Get to work.

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