Trapped in a Routine

It’s been almost three weeks since my return from Nirvana and I’ve produced nada. I’ve been wondering how I could go from my post-trip “all-writing-engines-revved-to-maximum-capacity”  to the pencil-tapping vacuum in which I currently sit (lovingly called my office).

Not to worry! I think I’ve stumbled upon a way to get back to writing!

Muse:  I would hardly call my incessant nagging a “stumble.”

From whence came this epiphany, you ask?  Melanie Anne Phillips, co-creator of Dramatica, has a wonderful blog that I doubt I could live without.  In fact, while in Europe The Storymind Writer’s Library was one of the only emails I would allow myself to receive on a daily basis. Anyway, one of Ms. Phillips’ most recent posts struck my Muse so strongly that I have not been able to get Her to quit bothering me about it.

Muse:  Thank you.

I now understand that “trapped in a routine” for both characters and the writer is an enormous “block” that has wedged itself in the crevasse of my desire to write and my inability to put word to paper.  I must use the experience of my trip to Europe as a way to not only jostle my own creative lethargy but to also shake up my characters. Lord knows we all need to be set free from routine!

Muse:  You’re welcome. Now break that routine…the one where you whine about not writing…and get to work!

P.S.  I love, love, love Dramatica. I use it to discipline my inconsistent and convoluted plots, characters, etcetera, etcetera.  Dramatica doesn’t help you write your tome but rather keeps the story development headed in a direction that doesn’t require a reader “mind-meld” exercise in order to understand your story’s progress.

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