Routine Revisited

Wake up. Get out of bed. Take care of body functions. Get a coffee. See to the animals.  Open the blinds, curtains, windows (weather permitting). Scan the calendar for upcoming appointments.  Sit down.  Drink coffee.  Think about writing.  Then think about other activities I need to do other than writing.

Muse:  This is where it all falls apart.
Me:  Maybe I could get up earlier?

Arg.  My dentist wants to know why I grind my teeth; by reading this blog you now know why.  How am I to shake up this carefully choreographed dance around not doing what I want to do?  I look to Ms. Phillips, author of The Storymind Writer’s Library, who in her infinite wisdom says the following, “the situation, reasons, passions, or even the nature of the person himself may have changed in some way that makes the routine no longer effective, counterproductive, inordinately costly, or unsustainably unpleasant.”

Gulp.  Questions must be asked and answered, not only of my characters, but more importantly, of myself.  Has my situation changed?  Is my reason for writing…different?  Could it be that my passion for writing has diminished or, horror of horrors, could I have changed in some way that renders me no longer interested in writing???

Me:  Muse?  Are you there?
Muse:  Perhaps it’s time for some self-examination.

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