Shirley Valentine…My Hero

My husband encouraged me to consider this time away from home as a vacation. I wondered what he meant by this statement because…well…I’m in Chicago. Did he mean that I should stop writing??? No, of course not. Then I realized he must be urging me to ascend to a higher level of thinking; so pondered what it means to be on vacation.

It’s presupposed that your life’s routine is a rut. Every once in awhile you need to vacate your rut so it can be tidied up a bit by the life fairies while you’re gone and when you return from your vacation you can either jump back into your rut (expecting it to be somehow miraculously changed) and resume your life – or – start over and make a new rut.

As I understand, if life’s autopilot kicks on while you’re on vacation you’ve overstayed your welcome because a vacation is not supposed to include anything that even remotely resembles a routine (or your real life)(except if you vacation with your kids)(you know what I mean). If a vacation becomes a routine you are to leave that happy place immediately and return to your rut. Why? Because the reestablishment of a rut…even in a new place…is assumed to negatively affect your mental health.

So…apparently a rut is a bad place? No, not to me; not anymore. This, of course, is a fallacy. Just ask Shirley Valentine.

I understand that the “something” I’m missing while away from home is my rut (aka “space”). Thus, I will lovingly embrace my rut at home however I need to try a bit harder to make a new rut here in this new place.

Muse: Just be sure this new rut permits you to return to writing.
Me: Of course. All ruts lead to writing.

Muse: What’s a mojo???

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