Where, oh where, has the time gone…

I opened Scrivener for the first time this morning and gasped to see that the LAST time I’d saved a file in my current project was…November 14th, 2013…the day my daughter had her gasterectomy.  Have I really gone two months without writing???

I managed to write during the months of September, October and November while I was in Chicago with my daughter, taking care of her and her family while she gained the strength necessary to live through the 11/14/13 surgery she had to remove her dysfunctional stomach.   It was at that point when all came to a skidding halt.   To be honest, I’ve been super busy and too supremely distracted to write.   The surgery was a success – thank God.  Two weeks later it was time for me to go home.  I commandeered (with the permission of his parents) my six year old grandson and brought him back to Colorado with me.  Super trooper that he is, the little guy resumed first grade after the Thanksgiving break and thus remains at Mima and Papa’s while his Mom, who arrived in Colorado on 12/22/13 after a 12/04/13 emergency surgery to fix a leak, recovers from her ordeal, splitting her time on my couch and in her Dad’s favorite chair (true love is letting your daughter occupy your most special nap place).

Sidebar:  I have a whole new respect for the stomach organ.  Never again will I abuse my own precious gut with anything that isn’t purely organic.  No more GMO’s or their derivatives, no more pesticides, no more chemicals – nada, zilch, zed.  I had the same reaction to cigarettes after seeing my boss in the hospital after surgery to remove his tongue thanks to his stage four throat cancer.  Take note:  It matters what you put in your mouth.  Some of the things you put in your mouth are just not worth whatever fleeting pleasure they give you.  Speaking of pleasure, please eat the best, most pure food available.  You won’t believe how much better organic tastes!  Love your body…and your body will love you back:)

Speaking of loving yourself…it’s time to get back to business – my business.  I’ve put all the Christmas stuff away, cleaned up the basement and cleared off my desks.  And so today, this day, marks the first day since the surgery that I’ve had available to sit down and write (after I vacuum and dust).  Of course my doubting dragon lost no time at all in poking his nasty little head out of my subconscious to dare me to proceed with confidence.  Can I really do this writing thing?  Sigh.  Is this really my bliss????

Muse:  Yes.  I am your sword and your strength.  You write.  I will take care of the dragon.

Me:  Bless you.

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