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Welcome to my head…

I have characters – fabricated in my seemingly simple imagination – who will not leave me alone. Unfortunately, these characters play no role in the piece of fiction in which I am currently involved. No. These pesky imaginary friends (soon to be frenemies, if they don’t knock it off) come to me in my dreams (waking and sleeping) and insist that I resume their stories.

Adiabola is the most insistent. She’s inhabits a fantasy world where priests are women. But Adiabola is no run-of-the-mill priestess; she’s a shape-shifting priestess with ancient powers, the last of her kind in a world that is turning to male sky gods. Her existence is threatened by those who find a woman such as Adiabola dangerous to their evolving way of looking at the world of Spirit.

This woman will not leave me alone! God knows I love her but I can’t take responsibility for her running around and messing up my REM sleep. Okay. I created her but really, she’s driving me crazy!

And then there is Briege…Adiabola’s protégé. Briege is pushy but she is nowhere near as annoying as Adiabola when it comes to demanding that the story proceed.

Okay, alright. I get the message. These women have places to go, people to change…goals to accomplish. Well, they’ll have to wait for just a little while longer. I have a whole cast of 4th century characters primed and ready to go. They are about to educate the world about the true role the barbarians played in the fall of the Roman Empire (and I’m not talking about those jokers in the Capital One credit card ads…cute as they are).

Me: Please help me get some sleep.
Muse: They are your characters. You made them and then just left them hanging there in the midst of conflict, their lives unlived. What do you expect?

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