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Playing Hooky

It’s Tuesday.  I’m not at home – writing.  I should be.  Why not?

I’m playing hooky.

Hooky is a great word.  Imagine someone standing behind the curtain of my life.  They’ve extended an unseen object with a hook on the end and they’ve yanked me from my desk.  I’m hooked.  I’m gone.

Where are we going? I ask.  Somewhere fun?  Is this a good hook or a bad hook?  Have I been rescued for some good cause or abducted for some nefarious reason?

Should I have avoided the hook?  I guess I could have ducked.  I could have fought harder.  I could have resisted.  I didn’t.

So regardless of whether I am a victim of the hook or gracious recipient of a gift, I am not writing.

I am grocery shopping.

Muse:  Let someone else do the grocery shopping.

Ms. D:  But…but

Muse:  Stop procrastinating.  No more excuses.  Get back to work.

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