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The Devil in the Inkstand…

The good news is that the short story I submitted to a dozen writing contests last March, Prayer for the Dead, will be published in December!  Yippee!  It did not win a competition however my story will be included in the Northern Colorado Writer’s anthology as an “Editor’s Choice” selection.  Oh…joy!!!   Really.  I’m excited.

The bad news is that on the same day I received the email informing me of this wonderful news I also received review comments back on my current project.  My very honest and highly trusted reviewer informed me that I was off the mark.  Really, really off.  The problem is my voice.  To put it bluntly she thought my novel was boring.  My reviewer asked a pointed question.  “What happened to your voice; what did you do with the writer who wrote Prayer for the Dead?  Bring her back and let her write this novel.”

So I ask the Muse…now what????  How do I find my voice???  (If you were inside my head you’d cringe at the tone of my whine).

And the Muse says..stop asking stupid questions to which you already know the answers.  Re-read The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes.  You will, as Mr. Keyes says, “trip over yourself.”   If you’re not willing to turn over the rocks and expose who you are…then don’t expect anyone to want to read what you write.

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